Wolseley Hornet Special Club

Encouraging the use and the preservation of these Special cars

The Wolseley Hornet Special Club officially came into being inĀ 1950. It owes its existence to William Boddy, the then Editor of Motor Sport, who kindly published a letter in the October 1950 issue. This letter was from an owner bewailing the lack of a Club or similar facility for owners of Hornet Specials or other HornetĀ Sport models.

The chief exponent of the marque was the late Colonel M.A. McEvoy whose McEvoy Special of the early 1930s was based on a Wolseley Hornet Sports.

The Club was formed to preserve and encourage interest in Wolseley Hornet Sports and Specials. Since its inception, the Club has been well supported and has provided an ideal framework for owners and enthusiasts to share their common interests.

Membership is split into areas covering the UK and Overseas. In the UK the areas are: The East, The Midlands area, centred on Birmingham, The South-East area covering London and the Home Counties, The Hampshire and Dorset area, The Severnside area, The South-West area covering Devon and Cornwall, and The Northern area covering North of Derbyshire and Cheshire and Scotland. Overseas there are active European, Australian, North American and other Worldwide areas.

The Club produces a magazine three to four times a year with newsletters in between. The club magazine includes technical articles, entertaining anecdotes from members, reports on past and future events.

In the WHSC members area, you will find information on regalia, club spares, technical literature and leaflets that are available to members, and details of fellow members and their cars. There is also a notice board where you can advertise parts wanted or for sale, and ask other members for any technical help or information that you may need.